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3 Bad Habits Causing You Split Ends


Split ends are very common in our life as the amount of stress our hair goes through pollution , dust. It results us causing split ends.

There are many reasons of getting split ends which are recoloring, using hot tools etc.

So we need to stop some of our bad habits in order to get rid of split ends.

1- Using Hot Tools Without Hair Protection-


In order to protect your hair use hair protection when you tend to curl or straighten your hair.

As heat protection spray can give instant protection to your healthy hair. It can also help you in styling and curling process.

2-Tying Your Wet Hair-


The worst habit of all is tying your hair when they are wet.

This can destroy the texture of your hair and hence your hair are wet and you tie them , they shrink as soon as they dry off.

This leads to breakage and split ends.

3-Recoloring Your Hair-


The safest way of coloring your hair is not to color them again and again.

If you recolor the bleach hair which are already colored this will cause damage to your hair and will eventually cause hair splits.