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3 best coconut oil treatments for your damaged hairs


The most common and big problem of a woman is damaged hairs. You can tolerate anything but hair fall and damaged hairs are the problems that give torture. For your ease we have discovered a home remedy that will cut the expense of conditioners or shampoo that you need to nurture your hairs. Here are few benefits of coconut oil.

1. Coconut oil as a conditioner: Coconut oil is one of the most effective hair treatments for several hair issues. Nothing can be better than coconut oil for deep conditioning treatment.  Apply a few tablespoons of coconut oil on your damp hairs, massage it over again and again and leave the oil on hairs for half an hour and cover your head with a hot damp towel. This treatment can bring the natural shine of your hairs back and it will also help to strengthen the cuticles.

 2. As a daily moisturizer: Coconut oil can be termed as a God-send gift for those who have damaged their hairs by excessive use of hot tools for styling. You can use coconut as a daily moisturizer to detangle your hairs. Apply coconut oil on the tips of your hairs as a moisturizer it does wonders on dry hairs and can do the same to dry skin also.

3. As a dandruff treatment: Coconut oil can be really helpful for dandruff treatment. Massage a small amount of coconut oil on your scalp and leave it there for sometime so that the oil can perform its task and then rinse the oil with shampoo. The oil can effectively exfoliate the dead skin cells off you scalp and help treat the dandruff.