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3 Blow-Dryer Mistakes You Should Avoid


No one can doubt the feeling when you step out of a hair salon looking like a complete model and the best feeling comes when you hair blows with the wind and for the first time you actually enjoy it.

But these heavenly gifts can turn into complete disasters if you try to Blow-Dry your hair at home.

Mistakes you do while Blow-Drying.

1- Never Skip Hair Protection-


When you use any kind of heating tools on your hair the results on the uppery side would look lovely but the results on the inner side would be disastrous.

So in order to protect your hair from this heat you can use products which are used for hair protection, this will make your hair look gorgeous and on the other hand will prevent damage.

2- Always Section Your Hair-


When your having thick hair Blow-Dry may be a very difficult task for you. So in order to give your hair a proper Blow-Dry make sure you section your hair.

Organize your hair in small sections so you can easily dry every inch of your hair.

Use clips, or rubber bands or chopsticks to section your hair, these clips will be a great help in keeping your hair sectioned and will give you a much better result.

3-Hold the Blow-Dry correctly-


This is one of the most common mistake every person makes.

Whenever we observe in salons we will see the profesionalist is holding the Dryer in different ways.

Hence we aren’t a profesionalist we need to know how to hold the Dryer in the right manner.

Hold your Blow-Dryer by the handle to get maximum smoothness and control. Make sure you pull your hair away from your head in a certain angle. Keep the Dryer handle almost parallel to the brush.

By following these directions a girl can have the best Blow-Dry ever.