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3 Easy Steps To make Your Hair Color Last Longer

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We always spend a whole amount of our savings on hair dye. We always go for the best brands like Loreal, Garnier, etc but the results of every expensive dye we buy are the same.

Eventually every dye starts fading within the 3rd week.

What is the reason behind all the fading?

Well lets follow some basic instructions to avoid fading of our expensive hair color.

1-No to Hot Showers-

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Hot showers are the most relaxing showers but only our body gets relax by hot showers.

Hot showers can cause damage to our skin and makes it dry and rough on the other hand hot showers are the main reason our hair losses its beautiful color.

The best way to take a shower is firstly wash your hair with room temperature water than towel dry them and conditioner them and lastly rinse your hair with the coldest water you can so it helps you to  seal the cuticle shut.

2-Swim With Protection On-


The best way we can protect our color is by protecting them from sun and chlorine.

Whenever you are ready for a swim make sure you use a hair protection on your hair in this way the chlorine water wont effect your hair color and wont make your hair dry and rough.

3-Avoid Overusing of Hot Tools-


We all love to style our hair and for that we use different hair tools for curling, waving or straightening our hair.

But the damage we face is that our hair color starts fading off.

The best way to protect your hair color is ,stay away from hot tools for one week after coloring your hair.

Blow drys and curlers can actually speed up to fade your hair color .

So stay away from them and enjoy your beautiful color and feel classy and bold.