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3 Easy Tricks To Choose The Perfect Foundation Color


Foundation is the magic want for every girl as with just one rub you can easily hide all your unwanted scars, camouflages blemishes and redness. Just like editing , when your done beautifying yourself all the unwanted scars are invisible for the naked eye to see.

But the issue rises when some women are unable to choose there desired shades.

People should never know you are wearing foundation.It should be blended in such a manner that your skin tone looks natural.

Here are some suggestions to choose the right color for your skin tone.

1-Always go for Neck first-


In most cases it has been observed that neck and face both have 2 different skin tones.

So the trick is to choose a warmer shade which is not more fair and not more dark. In short a warm and a medium shade. So it can blend easily in both neck and face.

2-Choose Dark over Light-


Most women make the mistake of choosing the lighter shade. But in reality when you are unable to find your desired shade than always prefer the darker shade.

As darker shade can help you staying natural.

But the lighter shade will make you look unrealistic , artificial and fake.

3- Never use Hand for Testing-


You cannot read the right color if you test the shade on your hand.

Mostly the hand tone is a bit darker than the face skin. As your hand tone is tanned due to sun.

So the best way to test your right shade is by testing it on your jaw line in this way you will get the idea whether the shade is right or not.