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3 Ways To Bounce Back To Your Slim Size


Who doesn’t want to look perfectly slim? well according to my research every person on this planet wants to stay fit and healthy.

But our daily stress can lead us to gain pounds and calories.

All we need to do is stay calm and follow some major and healthy instructions, this way we all can bounce back to our dream slim size.

1- Drink Water Only-

Woman Drinking Glass of Water

Every drink whether sports or energy drink, fruit smoothie, or light beer all these beverages contains 100 calories in them.

So drinking all theses drinks and thinking that you might not gain weight is just day dreaming.

Instead drink water as water contains zero calories and carbs. So it becomes our perfect drink to get slim.

If you cant drink simple water than you can add lemon or mint leaves  in order to add flavor to your drink.

2-No to White Bread and Pasta-


If you intend to lose weight than first thing comes first ban all white grain products.

Cut white bread, spaghetti, pasta out of your daily routine and swap them with boiled chicken and healthy vegetables.

This way chicken sandwich will swap with chicken salad and chips and dips will swap with vegetables and dip.

3-  Do 30 Minutes of Cardio-


In order to get slim faster 30 minutes of cardio is must.

You can pick any exercise of your choice. It can be push ups, jumping jack, jumping rope or any you want you do for 30 minutes.

As cardio can burn a larger number of calories in just 30 minutes.

So stay fit and healthy in just 30 minutes.