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5 brain-boosting Snacks


Sometimes our brain cant focus on anything, we feel so lost that we can’t even brainstorm about any idea or jot it down when we are asked to do so. At that time you need nothing but an instant snack to boost your brain, here are few snacks that will light your head up again when you feel lack of inspiration.


Whole-Wheat Crackers-

You should try wholegrain crackers to boost your brain energy. Brain needs glucose to function properly and  these crackers contain carbohydrates which break down into glucose after entering the body. For better result pair wholegrain crackers with cheese.

Strawberry and Blueberry with low-fat Yogurt-

If you are in the middle of something and have no power to think, eat some strawberries and blueberries with low fat yogurt. The antioxidants present in blueberries helps improve the short-term memory loss wheres, Vitamin C in strawberries can help brain to function properly. Try the two juicy fruits with low fat yogurt as it contains calcium and will help slow digestion.

Walnuts and Almonds –

Walnuts and almonds are full of vitamin E that keeps you sharp with the age. Eat not more a hand full of of these nuts as they calorie-dense, but chugging an appropriate amount will surely help to bring your brain in working order.

Dark Chocolate –

The chocolate bar full of protein and fiber, also have zinc present in it which helps the brain to function better and  cocoa also has it own benefits. So whenever you feel crashed you should try a nutty chocolate bar that will surely boost your energy.

Boiled Egg and Banana –

Egg yolk is full of choline which improves memory and banana is packed with potassium so it is an odd but really powerful energy combination. Both banana and egg are good for mental health so you should try boiled egg with banana.