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5 health benefits of coffee


Regular coffee consumers always want to know about the health benefits of coffeeas most of the people consider it unhealthy and addictive. But the healthy benefitsof coffee outweigh all the negatives elements of the beverage. There are some unique properties of coffee that will make you consume it more this winter.

1. Have Anticancer elements : Researches have proved that coffee can counter cancerous cell that means it can protect one from certain cancers by enhancing DNA repair. Coffee contains  chemical compounds including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that can reduce the damaging process of inflammation. The bean roasting process of coffee makes highly active antioxidants that can act as an anticancer compound.  Espresso is more active in that regard.

2. Our liver loves Coffee: Coffee lowers the risk of liver cancer and liver damage that means our liver loves coffee. Coffee consumption decrease the incidence of cirrhosis that is a advanced liver disease in which the liver stops doing its functions. The good news is that, the new evidences found in a study tell that each cup of coffee reduces 20 percent risk of cirrhosis because there is an inverse relationship between coffee drinking and blood vessels of liver enzymes.

3. Healthy for heart:Coffee also strengthens heart by protecting it against arterial damage that is the result of inflammation. According to a Dutch study a normal coffeedrinker who consumes two to four cups of coffee in a day have a 20 percent lower risk of heart disease as compared to the non drinkers.

4. Acts as a memory booster:  The amount of caffeine present in coffee provides you short term memory boost. Caffeine affects the area of brain particularly responsible for memory and concentration, it brings the lost focus and refreshes your brain memory.

5. Curbs Depression: Caffeine activates neurotransmitters including dopamine and serotonin in brain that are known for controlling mood that helps in lowering the risk of depression. A study in Finland also found that consumption of seven or less cups of coffeein a day also decreases the risk of suicide. Yeah you heard it right is not it good.