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5 healthy foods to add to your every day list


Sometimes life becomes so stressful that you feel bloated and your skin breaks out at those moments you need to do nothing except changing some of your eating habits. We have discovered five delicious foods that lead to longer and satiated life. Enjoy them!


1. Oats:

Oats are one of the best foods to have for healthy life. They are packed with soluble fiber, protein and carbs. Soluble fiber in oats helps lowering the risk of heart diseases.  Even a half serving of oats can give you a fulfilling feel and muscle-friendly energy. you are probably missing this meal in your daily routine.

2. Walnuts:

You should eat a hand full of walnuts daily as they are a blessing. Walnut also known as brain nut is packed with all the important elements like it is rich in omega three, anti- inflammatory properties and protein. You just need to have 7 walnuts anytime to stay active and healthy. You can especially try them as a post-workout recovery snack.

3. Carrots:

Carrots are packed with carotenoid which is a fat soluble compound that helps in reducing the risk of cancer and many other anti-inflammatory conditions such as asthma.  One of the best part of this healthy vegetable is that you can eat it raw too.

4. Spinach:

The rich source of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids and folate this leafy green vegetable helps reduce the risk of stroke, heart diseases and osteoporosis. Spinach is full of vitamin A and lutein that fights muscular degeneration and folate protects one from age related issues.

5. Blueberry:

Blueberry that is also known as brain berry is a host to many antioxidants. These small juicy fruits can prevent many diseases like, cancer, diabetes and other age related memory changes. These berries are rich in fiber and vitamin A and C that boost cardiovascular health.  Nothing can be better than starting your day with blueberry smoothie that acts as a energy booster.