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beautiful homes


What makes a home beautiful? it’s and eternal question; those who value good designed and decorated rooms will appreciate its signaficance. There isn’t ‘an’ answer to this question. Beauty comes in all shapes, styles and colors, and most of all it comes in individual taste. What I may think pretty may very well be ugly to you and so on. They say beauty like truth is eternal and one. And is the same for everyone. I disagree, I belong to the school of thought that says ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’. And that defines beautiful homes to me. Having said this. I will take a step backward, and add – for me, beauty in homes, in personal spaces, has to be personal and individual. Rooms have to be spontaneous, not over-thought out, not planned to the tee, and a little messy. Don’t take me wrong, by messy I mean liveable, human and alive. There are some rooms that scare you, intimitade you and call you to attention. They scream in silence to behave, to sit properly, to not mess with anything, to be at guard and be careful lest you break the precious quality of the room. All this is perfect perhaps for a conference room (though I doubt that too) but such rooms aren’t meant for relaxed living or even calm breathing.


There is a whole science of resarch now studying how environments at work place increase or decrease efficiency, how flourescent lights make people sick and tired, how the cubicle culture is deterrent to good working. Various theories have come up where conducive and pleasant working places are being adopted by companies to increase the working ability of their staff. It is no rocket science – in a beautifully designed place people are happier working. It is no surprise that all the best hotels and resorts in the world offer luxuriously furnished rooms in gorgeous surroundings, the views are spectacular, the room color scheme is pleasing, the placement of furniture different to other places – there is an element of surprise of other worldliness. when you check into one of these places you get a sense of elation, of happiness, of peace and detachment from your regular day to day life. It becomes the perfect escape. Beautiful homes to me are that exactly – an escape from the fast and crazy world beyond the door. A house that is a home, where colors perk you up, a place which is nicely organized and certainly very clean! for dirt and serenity doesn’t go hand in hand. Rooms that reveal something of the person that inhabits it are the rooms that are living and beautiful. When a selected piece of art on the wall, choice of color, bed-linen, placement of furniture, something that makes the room different and unique is the quality that makes one room speak and other remain dead.