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Dressing up – dressing Rooms


One of my favorite decorating activity is to do up dressing rooms, closets, and make-up areas. dressing-room-modern-livingetcThe love with which we our keep our personal belongings depicts the respect and esteem we bestow to our own person. It isn’t about vanity or pride, it’s all about the feel good factor and self-confidence.

If we take interest in displaying and arranging our very personal space we are saying to ourselves that we value the person that I am. It is rarely if ever that visitors/guests view your dressing area, hence it is one gift you give entirely to yourself. a-master-bedroom-turned-into-an-amazing-close-l-cxwznaIs our closet cluttered with things we haven’t worn in years? if yes, we are hanging on to things only for the sake of some odd reason, and not actually to use them.eclectic-house-tour-livingetc-dressing-room

It is best to give away what you don’t use and make your life simpler and much prettier in the bargain. I am really not going to give a lecture on de-cluttering but talk about my fantasy dressing spaces – they are intimate women spaces where we can do what we all like to do best (I’m assuming most women) dress up and look good!

In my next post I’m going to give tips on how to make your closet areas look über cool and spill with personality!!!!!