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Homemade Lip Scrub

lip scrub

3 magic ingredients to make the perfect homemade lip scrub:

  1. Castor Sugar or grounded normal sugar
  2. Honey
  3. Glycerin

How to make?

Castor sugar is fine and is of the perfect texture, not too chunky like normal sugar and not too refined either. Lips are sensitive and you have to be careful, never use something that is too harsh or damaging.

For that, castor sugar works best, but in case of unavailability, normal sugar can also be used. Grind the normal sugar for 2 seconds to get the right texture for a scrub.

In a bowl, mix your sugar with a few drops of glycerin and honey.

Apply all over your lips, and scrub gently.

Use the scrub for a month to notice visible results.

Flaunt that gorgeous and healthy smile.