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How To Gain Weight In Just 3 Steps


There are alot of people out there who are worried about their weight. The only difference is that they want to gain some pounds instead of shedding them.

The procedure is very easy you just have to reverse the procedure of losing weight into gaining pounds.

The best part of gaining weight is that it is easy to gain than to loose.

So buck up people if you want to get healthier than follow these 3 major steps and soon you will feel heavier than before.

1- Eat More Protein-


If your body is lacking protein in it than it can cause you weight lose. So in order to get healthy give your body as much as protein you can .

Add these few to your daily meal list.

1- Peanut or Peanut Butter.

2- Tuna/ Fish.

3- Steak/ Hamburger.


Add proteins to your life and stay healthy and fit.

2- Hello Hefty Foods-


Its not necessary to eat high fat foods to gain weight.

It is more important to eat healthy foods in this manner you can stay healthy and can gain weight in a more proper and healthier manner.

Add these healthy meals to your list.

1- Breads.

2- Drinks.

3- Vegetables.

4- Soups.

5- Fruits.

3- Three Meals and 2 Snacks a Day-

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If you eat on a regular schedule than your calories will stay stable. You can also keep a track of your daily meal supplies in this manner.

The best way is to have a full breakfast than lunch , dinner and make sure you eat 2 snacks a day.