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How to Lose 500 Calories a Day


appleLosing 500 calories a day might be a hard job for us but if we follow some strict schedule than the impossible can be possible.

Who doesn’t want to look good in skinny jeans or in a skinny outfit.

We can feel good everyday if we follow some instructions and can loose 500 calories a day.

1- Say Hello to Eggs-


Breakfast is must when you are planning to have a healthy diet day.

Eat hard boiled, scrambled or poached eggs everyday in breakfast. This will help you in loosing calories and will give you energy and breakfast will keep you going all day.

2- No to Soda-


If you are a soda addict than from today onward’s say NO to soda.

You can swap soda with sparkling water or water infused with fruits or vegetables like cucumber, citrus, strawberries.

In this way your soda addiction wont hurt you and you can stay calorie free.

3- Hold on to your Jumping Rope-


Jumping a rope and running in an open place can help you burn 10 calories a minute.

You can easily workout these mini routines and can get you desired looking body by losing 300 calories.You can even add push ups, weights and lunges to burn your calories.