Chicken Nuggets


Chicken Nuggets

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December 7, 2013

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Chicken 1/2kg minced

Eggs 2

Bread 1slice

Salt 1tsp

Black pepper 1tsp

Vinegar 1tbsp

Soya suace 1tbsp

Mustard powder 1/2 tsp

Breadcrumbs As required.


1Put the Chicken mincemeat, Soya sauce, Bread slice, Salt,Black Pepper, Mustard powder, Vinegar and one Egg in a chopper and chop until well combined.

2Take little portions and make it into Nuggets. Tip: you can use your hands to shape it or use a mould to give any shape you want.

3Break the remaining egg into a bowl and mix slightly.

4Spread Breadcrumbs into a wide plate.

5Now lightly dip the nuggets, one at a time, into an egg and roll into breadcrumbs till well-coated.

6Shallow fry on a medium heat till golden.

7Once golden take them out, dry the excess oil on a wire-rack or kitchen towel and serve.

8Great on its own but also goes well with any Fried or Vegetable Rice.




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