Crusty Samosa

Crusty Samosa

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July 1, 2015

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For stuffing

Boiled mashed potatoes (one half cup)

Crushed cumin seeds (one teaspoon)

Chopped ginger (half teaspoon)

Chopped coriander (one tablespoon)

Chopped green chilies (one teaspoon)

Crushed dry pomegranate seeds (one teaspoon)

Crushed red chilies (one teaspoon)

For samosa dough

Flour (one and half cup)

Water (as requirement for dough)

Celery seeds/ajwain (one teaspoon)

Oil (one tablespoon)

Salt (as per taste)


1Mix stuffing ingredients in potatoes.

2Make dough with flour, oil, water, ajwain and salt and leave dough for 25 minutes.

3Divide dough in small balls for samosa and flat them with help of rolling pin as roti/ tortilla, cut roti from center in two pieces and fill each piece with potato stuffing and make samosa and fry them on medium heat (till golden brown)

4Serve samosa with ketchup and your favorite sauce.





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