Easy Choclate Cake Recipe

Easy Choclate Cake Recipe


January 6, 2015

Easy Choclate Cake Recipe 0 5 0


egg:2 all purpose flour:2 cups coco powder:4 tbsp Oil:1 cup Sugar:1 cup Baking powder:2 tsp vanilla Essence:3 drops Milk:half cup or as per need


1At first beat the sugar and oil well, In another bowl take all purpose flour and then add coco powder and baking powder in it, Add eggs in oil and sugar mxiture and beat it very well,then use Plastic or wooden spoon and add the flour mixture in it and also add vanilla essence and milk as per need and mix it in a circular motion,after that place it into a preheat oven at 180. check it out after 15 min.your easy and delicous choclate cake is ready.




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