Luqma Qaazi

Luqma Qaazi


July 1, 2015

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White flour (one cup)

Yogurt (half cup)

Yeast (one teaspoon)

Milk (one fourth cup)

Salt (one pinch)

Sugar (one and half cup)

Water (two cups)

Cardamom powder (half teaspoon)

Lemon juice (half teaspoon)

Chopped pistachio (for decoration)

Oil (for fry)


1Add flour, yogurt, yeast and milk in bowl and make a batter with help of whisk (you can add few tablespoons of water if you feel difficulty to make thick better) leave this batter for one to two hours.

2Boil sugar in water and make syrup, let it cool down (room temperature and add lemon juice and cardamom powder.

3Use tablespoon to make luqma and fry in oil, after frying soak all luqma in sugar syrup and decorate with chopped pistachio when you serve.




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