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Anmol Chicken Curry Recipe

Yields1 Serving

 1,Chicken (cuved) 1/2kg. 2,Ginger (chopped) 1tsp. 3,Garlic (chopped) 1tsp. 4,Green Chillies (finely cut) 02. 5,Green Chillies 03. 6,Onion (copped) 02. 7,Tomatoes (copped) 04. 8,Salt (to taste). 9,Oil 1/2cup. 10,Red Chillies (crushed)1/2tbsp. 11,Cumin Seeds 1/4tsp. 12,Turmeric (powder) 1/4tsp. 13,Coriander (powder) 1/4tsp. 14,Corriender leaves (fresh). 15,Ginger (finely cut ) 1tsp.

1-Heat oil in a pot fry garlic till golden add ginger and onion and fry till light brown. 2-Add chicken and fry till color changed. 3-Leave for 03mintes with lid on 4-Now fry chicken again and add tomato fry only 1mint than leave it for 05 to 07mintes with lid on. 5-Now add salt, turmeric powder, red chilies and coriander powder fry for 02 mints and leave it for 05 to 07 mints with lid on and on low flame. 6-Now add green chillies.fry for 1 mint. Then leave on low flame. 7-Remove from flame when oil separates. 8-Dish out Anmol Chicken Curry and garnish it with fresh coriander leaves and sliced ginger.