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Baked Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Yields1 Serving

 Ingredients: Chicken (boneless) ---250 grams Salt------ Half Tea spoon Water---- 3 cups miyoneese---- 8 table spoon katchup---- 8tablespoon chineese Salt---- 2 tablespoon Bread SlIces---- 8
 For filling chat masala 2 table spoon miyonese----- 8 tablespoons chilli Garlic tomatto katchup--- 8 tablespoons mozrella cheese slIces (optional)--- 4

boil chicken with 3 cups of water and salt. Boil it till water dries. And chicken tender completely.


mash the chicken finely by hand not by chopper, and add miyoneese catchup & chineese salt and mix well.


on 4 slices spread miyoneese and ginger garlic katchup (on each slice 1 tablespoon miyoneese & 1 table spoon katchup).


on other 4 slices spread mashed chicken mixture (for each slice 1 – 2 tablespoon mixture is enough)


spread chat masala , cheese slice on chicken spread slice and turn the mayonese and katchup added slice on each chicken spread slice.


now cut all the sandwiches in triangular sandwich shape ( from each make 2 sandwiches) and set in oven tray.


set the tray in oven on 200 degrees for 5-10 mins till it turns golden brown.... it means sandwiches are ready to serve.


seve hot & crispy sandwiches with French fries and cremy cabbage..