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Chicken Mandi

Yields1 Serving


 Chicken 1kg, cut into 4pcs
 Rice 1/2kg
 Tomato 250gm
 Onion 1 medium sized
 Capsicum 1
 Clove 6
 Green Cardamom/Choti Ilaichi 6 pcs, ground to powder
 Cinnamon/Dar Chinni 1inch
 Salt to taste
 Black Peper 1tsp
 Garam masala 1tsp

Wash the Chicken thoroughly and pat till dry.


Add Salt, Black Pepper, Garam masala and Green Cardamom powder. Mix it lightly and leave for an hour to marinate.


Now cook the chicken in a pot in little water till its completely cooked.


Once the Chicken is cooked, put the pieces on a hot grill pan to color it and put aside.


While the Chicken is cooking, take another pot and saute a thinly chopped Onion in Oil, add chopped Tomatoes, dry spices and cook it all until its soft and oil gets separated.


Add Salt,, Black Pepper and Water. As Water get to a boil add Rice and cook it. Right at the end, add thinly chopped Capsicum to the rice.


To serve, bed the Rice in a wide platter and top it with grilled Chicken pieces.


Great on its own but can be accompanied with Tabasco Sauce and a bowl of thinly chopped fresh salad with lemon dressing.