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Chicken Masala Recipe

Yields1 Serving

 6 fillets of Chicken leg
 2 crushed Garlic Cloves
 1 tbsp. of fresh, grated Ginger
 2 tbsp of ground Fenugreek
 1 oz of fresh mint
 0.5 oz of fresh Coriander leaves 50 ml of Vinegar
 1 tbsp of Salt , 1/2 tbsp of clove powder
 1/2 tbsp of Cardamom ,2 tbsp of turmeric

Process the fenugreek, ginger, mint, garlic, coriander, salt, vinegar, cardamom and clove in the mixer until you get a smooth paste.


Place the chicken in an oven dish and rub it whole with the spice paste; cover it and leave it marinating in the fridge for 4 hours.


Preheat the oven and roast the chicken for 45 minutes until it is browned. Serve with cooked rice on the side.