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Fruit Cream Recipe

Yields1 Serving

 Milk (one and half cup)
 Water (three tablespoons)
 Cornstarch (one tablespoon full)
 Sugar (two to three tablespoons as per taste)
 Musk melon cubes (one fourth cup)
 Banana slices (one fourth cup)
 Grapes (one fourth cup)
 Seedless cherries (one fourth cup)

Add cornstarch in three tablespoons water).


Boil milk and add cornstarch mixture quickly and mix well, simultaneously add sugar and mix well.


Cook for three minutes and stir well for smooth mixture, when it become like cream then stop cooking and let it cool in room temperature.


Add all fruits in cornstarch mixture and refrigerate it for one hour.


[you can add your favorite fruits as your choice as well as fresh cream too if you want to make more rich texture] Its good if you make fruit cream before two hours from iftar.