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Mango Snow Recipe

Yields1 Serving

 Chopped mangoes (two cups or 250 g)
 Milk (250 g)
 Corn flour (two tablespoon full)
 Cream (half cup) optional
 Peach, orange or mango syrup (for topping) two table spoon
 Sugar (as your taste)

Mix two tablespoons cornflour with three tablespoon milk in a separate bowl, now boil remaining milk and add sugar, after that slowly add cornflour and milk mixture and stir continuously for three minutes on medium flame, let it cool after cooking.


after cooling scramble cooked mixture with spoon (will be like snow) and layer chopped mangoes in bowl or cup (as picture) and pour milk snow on it.


Top with some syrup and mango chunks, refrigerate for one hour.


you can use any juice powder (e.g tang) for topping too if you dont have syrup, just sprinkle juice powder as it is on snow it will melt automatically.