Why Are Onions The Best Ingredient?

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Onion is one of the most commonly used ingredient around the globe, they are super effective when comes to skin or health care. Who doesn’t love some onions rings? And you have to believe us when we say that onions are a lot more than just an element that makes you cry!


  • Onions can improve the digestive system so if you are facing digestion problem, then onions are your best friends.
  • Having as onion a day can cure insomnia or sleeping disorders. This will without doubt give you a good night’s sleep.
  • having a small piece of onion can prevent or slow down the bleeding through the nose.
  • A tiny piece of onion can work against side effects of fever like magic if placed on the forehead.
  • It is an instant cure for fever, common cold, cough, sore throat, allergies, and so forth. A combination of onion juice and honey can cure these problems easily.

  • Onion juice can cure burnt skin or an insect bite or a bee bite. It may burn at that certain time, but it can heal it and work effectively.
  • A quick trick with onions to get some relief from body pains is frying them in sesame or castor oil and can be used to heal any pain.
  • A beauty tip to get rid of  pigments on your face is to apply onion and turmeric juice on that area.
  • Some kinds of moles can be removed by onion juice efficiently.
  • Use onion juice on the hair or the scalp to get rid of lice and hair fall. This is one of the most prominent of onion benefits for hair.


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