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10 Celebrities Who Went Through Whitening Treatments To Become Fair And Lovely

While the west is obsessed with sun tanning, us desis can not get over the fair and lovely ka jalwa. This mentality gives a roaring business in India and Pakistan to the make-your-skin-fairer industry of beauty creams and cosmetics.

Even some of the A-list celebrities in India and Pakistan have given in to this only fair is lovely trend and mentality.

Here are 10 celebrities who went through whitening treatments to become fair and lovely:


Born a dark and dusky South Indian girl, Rekha took it upon herself and transformed completely. Rumor has it that Rekha went through a skin lightening treatment. Never approved or denied but  the actress outshines actresses half her age.


If you ake a look at Sridevi in her Tamil films, or any of those from her earlier days, and compare them with any photo from her Hindi film career, and you shall see a huge difference in skin tone. From chubby and dark skinned to hot fair and gorgeous, the diva has come a long long way. Some whitening magic potion that brings a never ending youth?


Kajol came under the scanner when rumours of her sudden ‘fair’ skin started doing the rounds. The actress has of late been making heads turn with her fair skin making all the dilwale going kuch kuch hota hai. This drastic change can not be just some good makeup.


Dark and dusky diva, Priyanka Chopra won the Miss World pageant but still felt the need to go a few shades lighter to shine a little more brighter.  Next step Miss Universe?


Not exactly sure, but looks like Deepika has also come a long way in terms of transformation. It could be make up, it could be something more, but one thing is for sure, the actress has toned down a bit, in terms of figure and complexion.


This black beauty is known for her amazing figure and attractive Bengali features, but she too seems to have lightened up her skin to some degree, agree? She was voted one of the sexiest woman in Asia for the year 2005 and 2007, and was always quoted as saying “I am dark-skinned and am proud of it”. However, looks like she too had to give in a bit.


Shilpa Shetty has had tremendous transformation , from a gawky girl to a glamorous lady, hats off to her! Is it yoga? Is it that pregnancy glow she was talking about? Or is it some serious fairness and beauty treatment?

Slumdog millionaire girl Freida Pinto promotes a beauty brand and looks like she has gone down a few shades lighter too, right?

Then we have these two Pakistani beauties:

Danish Taimoor

There have been rumors that Danish Taimoor lightens his skin but he himself has never admitted to any lightening treatments. 

Fahad Mustafa
Fahad Mustafa
Same goes for Fahad Mustafa! He keeps denying them but our eyes believe otherwise!