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10 Pakistani Celebrities Real Names Revealed!

One thing that never goes out of style in the Media Industry? Cultivating a unique persona with the help of a stage name. Scroll through to discover the real names your favorite stars were born with.

Shaan Shahid


The Lollywood Giant and Pride of Pakistan, Shaan Shahid tops our list. The birth name of  the actor, model, director, all rounder is NOT Shaan Shahid, it’s Armaghan Shahid.

Reema Khan


The Madhuri of Pakistani cinema, the Queen of Lollywood, Reema Khan is actually Sameena Khan.

Rahim Shah


Leading Pakistani pop singer, Rahim Shah was originally Muhammad Khan.  He started from Peshawar, and is currently based in Karachi. He sings in Pashto, Urdu and Punjabi.

Ayeza Khan


Ayeza Khan, can also be spelled Aiza, but what difference does it make, that’s not her real name either. This gorgeous Pakistani model and actress has also changed her real name, from Kinza Khan to Ayeza Khan.

Saba Qamar


Pakistani television industry’s most sought after actress Saba Qamar is actually Sabahat Qamar Zaman. Not that big of a name change, just shortened it a bit.

Veena Malik


The controversy queen Veena Malik is no different, her real name is Zahida Malik. Does she look like a Zahida to you? People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters.

Sami Khan


You’ll NEVER guess what Sami Khan’s real name is! Its Mansoor Aslam Khan Niazi! Well we can only say we’re glad he changed that one, made him sound older than his age and time!



The beauty has been true to her name and has been shinning in the industry for the past decade. If only Noor was her real name, her birth name is Sonia Mughal.



Sorry to burst your little  ‘bulbula’ but Nabeel is not really Nabeel either! The bulbula boy also went through a name change, his real name is Nadeem Zafar.


Irtiza Rubab is known by her stage name Meera! Yep the famous Meera jee also changed her name, well you can give yourself whatever name you like, just do not give Pakistan a bad name.