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10 questions you should NEVER ask at the job interview

When it comes to successfully landing in a job, how you go through the interview matters a lot.  At the end of any interview, an employer commonly asks you if you have any questions for him. This is your last opportunity to make a good impression on him so try to avoid asking the following question and avoid your chances of blundering.

What will my salary be?

This gives the impression that you are in it for the money and not the actual job. Moreover, the company has yet made the final decision on whether to hire you or not.

So what does your company do?

If you don’t know what the company does, why did you even apply? Asking this can give the impression that you are non-serious and unprepared.

Will I have to work extra hours?

Ask this question if you want the interviewer to think you are lazy and uncommitted.

How long before I get promoted?

Hold on there! You are yet to be hired and you are asking the interviewer about your prospect of promotion?

What if I don’t get along with the rest of the team?

Especially don’t ask this if you are applying for a senior position. This may give the employer the impression that you are difficult to work with.

What are the benefits?

Save this question once, you get the offer letter. Most companies post about their benefits on websites so you can visit the website for info.

Are you single or married?

Your interviewer is not your friend, don’t as personal questions such as these.

Do you monitor emails or internet activity?

This question is sure to raise red flags and make the employers suspicious.

How did I do?

If you want feedback, wait for their decision and follow up with an e-mail.