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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Johnny Depp

June 9 marks the birthday of the famous Hollywood legend, Johnny Depp. Known for his superb acting in the myriad of roles he has played in a number of films, he is one of the most successful and recognized artist today.  From his early foray into music to his chocolate allergies, here are 10 things you probably never knew about the man most famous for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

#1. As a teen, he dreamed of becoming a rock star

johnny depp guitar

As a teen, he dreamed of becoming a rock star. He dropped out of high school and perused a career in music. It was in Los Angeles that where he grew interested in the acting profession.

#2. Nicolas Cage helped get his first acting job

He credits the famous actor Nicolas Cage as the man who advised and helped him get into acting while in LA. When Cage ran into financial trouble in 2007, Depp reportedly offered to clear off the debt with his own money.

#3. World Record for highest paid actor

In 2012, he was listed in the Guinness World Record for the highest paid actor, after netting a sum of $ 75 million in the year prior.

#4. Never won an Oscar

Despite his remarkable acting, Depp has never won any Oscar. However, as was the case with Leonardo Di Caprio, Depp might just get one someday.

#5. He trashed a hotel and blamed it on an armadillo

An expensive suite in the Posh Mark Hotel got some serious damage after Johnny Depp and his girlfriend got their hands on it.  Depp blamed the damage on an armadillo. Armadillos are rat like animals with armored skin.

#6. He has a fear of dancing

Despite doing the steps many times on the screens, Johnny Depp has a real fear of dancing and has reportedly never danced in real life.

#7. He was almost fired by Disney

The directors of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” were not happy with the way Depp was playing his role as the Captain Jack Sparrow. They almost considered firing him but relented, which would prove to be a wise decision. The film was commercially successful and this was partly credited to the way Depp played his role as the infamous pirate.

#8.  He has his own production company

Depp has his own production company named infinitum Nihil meaning “Nothing is forever”. He serves as its CEO and producer with his sister serving a president.

#9. He has a fossil named after him


A 505 million year old fossil has been named after Depp. According to the paleontologist who named it, the animal resembled Edward Scissorhands, a movie character Depp has played.

#10.  He’s allergic to chocolates

willy wonka sad

Even though he played as the eccentric chocolate maker in the movie “Charlie and the chocolate family”, in real life he has an allergy to chocolates.