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3 Everyday Fashion Every Women Must Know


Fashion … the first thought that comes after hearing the word FASHION is full of colors, bags, shoes, coats, skirts, pants and much more.

The other word for fashion is Representing. A women represent herself by the way she dresses, by the way she walks and overall the way she carries herself in public.

There are 5 basic fashion every women must be aware of, hence it can always be in handy when you have nothing on your hand.

1- Black Pumps-


Black pumps are the basic footwear. These black pumps can be worn with everything whether it is jeans, skirts, coats even with dresses and shorts.

They are as comfortable as they look.

The plus point is its color BLACK. We all know that black color is the best color ever as every match can be easily fixed with the hot color.

Black pump heels are the best  you will wear them alot as they can never be out of fashion.

2-The Pretty Clutch-


We women are never out of late night parties.

A pretty clutch can always make you look as good as the party.

Whenever in doubt always go for a black clutch.

The fashion of straps and chain can never get sidelined. So go for a clutch with a black color and having straps or chains on it.

It will give your dress a more classy and ravishing look.

3-Trench Coat a treat for Winters-


Winters are always a treat for women as we get to hide our extra fats under the trendy coats.Trench Coats are one of those.

The fashion of the military looking coats can never fade off.

A Trench Coat can be worn with anything whether belted or left open.