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3 Questions Every Women Asks Herself About Clothes


Every women is obsessed with her own self as this is natural and every women wants to look her best. There are some common and the most funny question every women asks herself when she is getting ready.

1. “Do I have too many clothes?


The most common question is “I don’t have anything to wear” and the second is “I don’t have any room left for my clothes.

We women are never satisfied with our closet no matter how many tops are hanged in one hanger due to no space and no matter how many shoes we have but still when ever we open our closet which is always filled with our shoes, shirts, pants etc we always question ourselves WHY I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR?

2-Will this shrink if gave for dry cleaning?

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Will this new kurti from Khaddi that i brought and wore yesterday shrink if i gave this expensive kurti for dry cleaning? what if it shrinks and i cant wear it ever again? or should i just keep it to myself instead of dry cleaning?

3-Will i look to over tall in heels?

Nigel (Stanley Tucci) begins one of his most difficult tasks

The best way to give grace to any outfit is when we pair them with high fashionable heels.

But our dreams crush when we question ourselves will i look too over the top on heels?

What if i fall in heels ?

Or am i too short that i need to wear heels?