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3 Reasons Why Poor Sleep Can Cause Weight Gain


We all are aware of the term “Sleep is Important”. But what we are not aware of is that sleep can cause us to gain weight.

Don’t forget depression also.

Here are the issues we face due to poor sleep.

1- You Gain Weight-


People who spend there sleep time watching TV or just staying awake. They intent to gain more weight as poor sleep can lead you to obesity.

If you want to lose your calories than the first and foremost thing is to get proper sleep.

2-Good Sleepers eat less-


The best part for those who sleep well is that they focus more on other things and projects rather than just eating and gaining weight.

According to research sleep deprived individuals have a bigger appetite and tend to eat more and results in gaining more calories.

3- Good Sleep Can Help In Productivity-


Sleep is very important for brain to function properly.

As short amount of sleep can cause negativity in your brain as well as in your thoughts. Hence makes your whole day negative.

Whereas good sleep can bring a positive change in your life.