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4 mundane things that mess your skin

The marks on your skin can not be blamed on oily food alone, pollution along with the following factors may also affect your complexion.

1. Your Spectacles


If you constantly wear glasses, there is a high probability of dirt and stains quickly collecting on the frame and nose piece. These easily transfer to your skin and cause extreme acne.

2. Your Smartphone

The frequent use of mobile phones can be a major cause of acne and skin diseases. Bacteria collects on the set and transfers to your face, make sure you wipe it clean to avoid contact with germs.

3. Pillowcases

Dead cells from your face end up on your bed and pillowcases. If you use your sheets for days without changing them, they can cause the bacteria to transfer on your face. Regularly wash your pillowcases and sheets.

4. The AC


Spending a large amount of time indoors, especially in an air conditioned room could negatively affect your skin. The AC steals moisture from your skin leaving it dry.