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5 Awesome Beauty Tricks Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

With great power (you’ve created a life!) comes great responsibility. And though you were already expecting to make certain lifestyle changes – namely to your diet and wardrobe – you probably didn’t think about your beauty regimen. Here, we address all of those nagging questions, like “Is it safe to dye your hair?” and “Are you doomed to have stretch marks forever?” so you can get back to the business of growing a baby.

Combat stretch marks with body oil

Take your moisturizing seriously. Slather on a body oil immediately after showering, while your skin is still slightly damp. Use it everywhere and be generous about it. You’ll get instant relief from that tight, itchy feeling that typically comes on in the second trimester, while improving the elasticity of your skin with continued use – key for keeping things taut during and after pregnancy.

Fight acne with baby-safe products

Make sure that you’re using a mild cleanser twice daily. Anything scrubby or too stripping can further inflame the skin. Next, keep skin moisturized with an oil-free lotion as any dryness can signal your body to produce even more oil. Still seeing pimples? Spot treat those suckers with a tea tree oil. If acne persists, talk to your dermatologist about safe alternatives.


Nix under-eye circles with hydration

Bags under your eyes? The fix is pretty straightforward: Drink more water. The more fluids you drink, the less you will retain under your eyes (and around your ankles – whoo!). For a quick fix, place two chilled potato slices on those tired eyes for ten minutes to tamp down puffiness and follow with a generous helping of light-reflecting concealer.

Play up your gorgeous hair

So shiny and thick! By the second trimester, a rush in estrogen can make your hair grow faster and they become less likely to fall out (which is why it may feel thicker than usual). Make the most of this time by scaling back on any heat styling. (Um, done.) As for the age-old question about hair dyeing, here’s the deal: Most dermatologists and doctors say that it’s perfectly safe. But if you want to take extra precautions anyway, opt for a vegetable-based or ammonia-free dye at home.


You’re probably noticing that your nails are growing faster than usual. You should skip your regular manicures. Keep your tips groomed with a buffer and a lightly tinted topcoat treatment instead.