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5 Commercials Featuring IMRAN KHAN!


Imran Khan was the most finest cricketer in the history of Pakistan. A fierce competitor, his 21-year career was defined by moments where he led a talented but volatile bunch of cricketers to improbable wins. Khan is the man who changed Pakistani cricket forever, The captain behind the 1992 win, undeniably the father of all Pakistani cricketers.


Even though Imran was a great cricketer, his looks and charismatic personality gave him his worldwide celebrity status. This handsome is ranked among the hottest, most look looking people in the word. Anything linked with his name shoots up and gains immense publicity and popularity, be it Jemima, Reham, Pepsi or Brook Bond!


Below are 5 TV Commercials featuring  the legendary Imran Khan:

Pepsi (Pakistan) AD with (Legend) Imran Khan and Waseem Akram (Cricket Hunt) 

Younis Khan, Inzamam, Shoiab and Imran Khan – Go Pakistan Team!

Imran Khan Old Pepsi Commercial

Imran Khan with Waqar and Wasim (Old Pepsi Commercial)

Classic Brook Bond Ad featuring Imran Khan