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5 Facebook Friends That We All Want To Unfriend


In a Facebook friends list that normally totals in hundreds, we all have five common characters that we want to block and delete right away! There Facebook posts are enough to annoy the most nicest of people sometimes.

Below is a list of 5 Facebook friends that we all want to unfriend:

The Facebook Molvi
This friend is all Quranic ayats and sunnah talk. God might forgive you buy this particular character won’t if you ever post something that goes against their religious beliefs.  They consider preaching and bringing everyone on the right track their responsibility and job!
No Molvi Sahab, you just prepare yourself for jannah, we’ll manage without your guidance!

The Fitness Freak
This friend will post pictures of their healthy diet, their work out routine, their bodybuilder body and annoy you with their gym details.
If you work out, it’s going to show in pretty much any photo you take. So there’s no need to take a picture of yourself working out and eating healthy. You’re fit and smart and that’s good for you, no one else cares!
Oh and let’s not forget their annoying  hashtags #NoPainNoGain or #BloodSweatAndRespect #BurnIt

The Philosopher
Deep quotes and thoughts, this is the philosopher friend! Every new status or photo they post will hit you hard in head! Each quote they post will be followed by their own interpretation and life advice. They use Facebook as a daily diary, compile all their status updates and you could easily publish a book!
Well Facebook publishes for free, to write a book you might actually need more approval!

The Obsessed Girlfriend
This friend is sooo in love with her boyfriend and she’s not afraid to show it! Public display of affection is one rule this girl lives by! Even if she wants to tell her boyfriend how much she loves him she’d use Facebook to let him along with the whole world know! Her lovey dovey posts are enough to make everyone puke!
Private messing is a thing this girl is clearly unaware of!

The Newly Wed Couple
This couple just got married and they cannot believe it themselves! These people post a million wedding pictures with the hashtag #BestHusbandEverrr #MeAndMyWifeyyy and #OhMyGodICantBelieveImMarried
We believe you! Just don’t make us pray for your divorce now!