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5 Healthy Hair Hacks For Winter

We all want gorgeous hair 365 days a year. And that includes those winter days when your refuses to listen or stay in control! It takes an entire redefined hair care routine to rescue dry scalp and hair from total wreckage during the cold months.

Fret not! There are healthy hair hacks that will give your hair volume, strength and life even through the deadliest cold of fall and winter. Here they are:

Winter makes our hair go out of control and fly in all directions, north, south, east and west! To keep your hair on your head the best trick is to not shampoo too much. Shampooing too much will steal the needed moisture and over dry your hair. Ditch your regular shampoo for a moisturising one for bonus hydration and use  wooden brushes with natural bristles to stay static free.

It not only snows from the sky, it snows on your scalp too. The best way to fight dry itchy scalp is to give your hair a good olive oil massage. Warm the oil for a few seconds for better best results, massage all over your head and towel-wrap it for 20 minutes before you rinse well.


Ditch your hair dryers and other heating tools, they do your hair more damage than good! If you really have to then always apply a heat protecting balm or serum.


The cold winds steal all the moisture and from your hair, leaving them looking dead straight and flat. To bring back the volume only apply conditioner on the ends and skip the roots!

Split Ends

Hitting  the salon and getting a nice hair treatment every once in a while is usually a good idea. Get your hair trimmed to avoid and get rid of split ends. Massage regularly with coconut oil or walnut oil or almond oil.