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5 Pakistani Celebrities And Their Crazy Obsessions

We put celebrities on pedestals so much that we often forget that they are also people like us, with crazy interests. These celebs have obsessions that you would never guess, and will totally change the way you think about them from now on. We stalked their Instagram accounts and here’s a list of 5 such celebs;

Sara Loren

Sara Loren, the Pakistani beauty who is famous for her Angelina Jolie fish lips, knows she,s got it, so she flaunts it! The woman uses her big full lips to the fullest, on the screen and on her Instagram. We have  pictures to prove her lip obsession too.

Mawra Hocane

This beauty is a fitness freak who is obsessed with the GYM and Ranbir Kapoor! Yes you read that right, Mawra Hocane is crazy about this Bollywood Actor and is not afraid to admit that either. So in the end, she’s just another girl in love with a Bollywood celeb, just like you and me.

Ali Zafar

People who love to eat are the BEST people. So looks like we have one more reason to love this ‘Rockstar’. Ali Zafar is a FOODIE! He looves food, he eats food, he Instagrams food!

Humaima Malik

This star who never has a bad hair day knows the power of her beautiful hair. Humaima malik has a crazy obsession with her hair . You’ll always see her flaunt that gorgeous hair, in public, in private, on Instagram!

Syra Shehroz

Syra’s puppy debuted on Instagram and continued to star on it till her obsession lasted. Now the puppy is as rare as Syra’s onscreen performances! But man was she obsessed with that dog or whaat!?!