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5 Pakistani Celebrities Most Embarrassing Moments

Nothing is worse  than an uncomfortable moment being caught by the camera and globalized through the social media . Here is a list of 5 ill-fated celebrities who have been a victim to bad timing;

Reema Khan

reema khan
PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013: While Reema Khan walked on the ramp, her sandal’s heel broke but the lovely Lollywood Super Star handled the ‘situation’ very confidently. As Reema reached the edge of the ramp, all of a sudden she bent down and to the surprise of the audiences; the actress pulled one of her shoe out, held it in the hand and kept on walking.
A victim yet graceful survivor of shoe malfunction!


A wardrobe malfunction and Matihra, controversial  much? The  mid-stride left Mathira partially exposed, as her white top fell down. Not to be disturbed by the accident in a hall full of onlookers and flashing cameras, she continued her walk and later tweeted , “Yeah so what if my top fell down. S*** happens at fashion week.”

Urwa Hoccane

The actress was like fire on the stage of Lux Style Awards 2015, dancing with full grace and energy. However, the sudden slip on her gharara was a blow to her confidence as she fell on stage and struggled for a few seconds to get back into the dance routine. She did not let the fall hold her back, however, and covered her embarrassment and was back up within seconds!



“Yeh jo mera outFOOt hai Umar Sayeed ka hai”-Meera
Her embarrassing  English has always been a source of entertainment for the masses and we can only hope she keeps up with the ‘Embarrassing Angerzi’!

Veena Malik


Well this actress is an embarrassment to begin with and the list of her embarrassing moments is endless! From small malfunctions to baring it all, shes been there, done that! Were just not sure if she categorizes any of it as embarrassing herself!