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5 Pakistani Celebrities Who SERIOUSLY Need To Start Smiling

“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.”
― Charles Chaplin

While there are a few celebrities that are famous for their million dollar smiles that can light up your screens and brighten your day, there are also these celebrities that never seem to smile! Maybe it’s just a part of their look, but we actually wish they’d smile a little more than they normally do.


Top 5 Serious Celebrities who could use a smile on their face;

1. Shaan Shahid
The Shaan of Pakistan is a role model for the youth, he knows his responsibilities and takes life seriously. Just one request, start smiling more often, we’ll still take you seriously if you ditch the frown and  smile a little.

2. Sanam Saeed

‘Zindagi Gulzaar Hai’ and you should smile and enjoy it while it lasts! We love Sanam for her seriously grumpy roles but it would’nt hurt to see her smile. The actress has a gorgeous smile, that is when she smiles, which she rarely does.

3. Emmad Irafani
Damn he’s HOT! And we have no right to complain, but oh well, if you could smile for us sometime?

4. Talat Hussain

The legendary Talat Hussain, famous for his serious acting skills is another actor who rarely smiles.

5. Atiqa Odho

The beautiful actress, Atiqa Odho has a beautiful smile and her own makeup line, but little does she know that her smile works better than her make up!