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5 Strange Yet Effective Remedies For Common Cold

Getting a cold can really ruin your day or even your whole week if it is persistent.  Some chicken corn soup or taking a good rest can be helpful but sometimes, you will find yourself having tried all conventional options but to no avail. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Here are some strange yet effective remedies to help you get rid of your cold.

Listen to some Jazz


Researchers have concluded that listening to Jazz music for 30 minutes can help boost our immune defense.   Listening to Jazz increases the level of Immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is critical to helping fight off viral infections such as cold.

Bite some red-hot chilies

Provided you can tolerate the pain afterwards, popping few chilies in your mouth can help relieve your cold. This is because chilies are loaded with vitamin C and contain a substance called capsaicin, both of which will help you relieve your cold.

Put on a pair of cold wet socks

Putting on a pair of cold wet socks, it turns out, will actually help cure you of the common cold. Wearing cold socks to bed and putting on a warm blanket improves blood circulation to your feet, reduce congestion in the head and improve your immune defenses.

Get off the couch and break a little sweat

Doing some, mild exercise can help reduce inflammation and risk to infection. Consider doing a brisk walk whenever you catch a cold.

Munch on some dark chocolate


Dark chocolate contain theobromine, a substance that is highly effective in reducing cough. However, avoid the sweetened variety, as sugar will make the illness worse.