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5 Unbelievable Facts About Amjad Shabri- The legendary Qawwal

An acclaimed artist and a respected figure, his assassination has left many in the nation in shock. Son of the famous Ghulam Farid Sabri, he took on the mantle from his father to continue forward the family’s legacy.  Explore more on the life of Amjad Sabri with these unbelievable facts.

#1. He was attached to his home in liaquatabad

259799-MaqboolSabriPHOTOCOURTESYASIMHAFEEZ-1316894840-408-640x480Despite his immense success and fame, Amjab Sabri never chose to move out of his humble residence in liaquatabad. He stated in an interview that he has grown attached to the place and many of his family members lived there as well.

#2. He never composed any originals

Surprisingly, inspire of his huge popularity, he had never in his career, composed any original music. All of his albums and releases were rehashed versions of famous kalams, rangs or revisions of his father’s works.

#3. Once he converted an entire auditorium to Islam with his performance

576aa8961af8dAccording to Amjad Sabri himself, his biggest achievement was managing to convert an entire auditorium of people to Islam while giving his performance. This happened while on tour in Scandinavia.

#4. He began learning Qawwali from age 6

amjad-sabri-newAmjad Sabri began learning Qawwali from his father from a very young age of six. In six years that followed, he was able enough to perform with his father on stage.

#5. His childhood was very strict

l_129854_033256_updatesBeing the child who would carry the legacy forward, his father was very strict with him and placed him under a lot of pressure. Sometimes he was not given food or even beaten up badly for minor mistakes. However, Amjad Sabri himself grew up to be was a very gentle father