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5 Great Reasons To Study Law

Study in law is both rigorous and mentally demanding which is why some are reluctant to pursue a degree in it. However a law degree can be highly rewarding, deepening your knowledge about legal matters and helping you develop life skills that will aid you even if you choose a career outside of law.

If you still  needs further convincing, here are 6 reasons why you should pursue a law degree.

Combines Theory with Practice

In the study of law, both theory and practice go hand to hand.  The Law students, apart from their rigorous studies, also have vocational lessons in their curriculum. In some law universities, there are even mock courtroom sessions where students can get real life experience of the practice.  Plus with pro bono societies and law clubs, students can further hone their skills in the profession.

Learning with real examples

What makes studying law so great is that real life cases are used to demonstrate how a certain theory is applied. Some of these cases mentioned can be quite humorous, yet student are left with no doubt that their studies have real-life applications.

Simplifies legal matters

Legal matters can be complicated and difficult to understand. A law degree simplifies things for a person and makes him well versed in law. Furthermore people start taking law students and their legal opinions more seriously since their degree adds credibility.

In High Demand

Due to their diverse skill set, law students are highly sought after by employees, even in professions outside of law. Add to the fact that law is one of the most recognized professions, it is  easy to understand why law students have such great career prospects. In fact, the average graduate prospect of the top law universities is a spectacular 84%.


Lawyers enjoy being among the most respected professions since they deal with important civil and criminal matters.


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