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6 Instances when Abdul Sattar Edhi was Paid High Tribute

Today, there are few people whom the nation is more heavily indebted to than Abdul Sattar Edhi. Through the Edhi foundation, he has saved thousands of lives and transformed the state of welfare in the country. Edhi’s ailing health has concerned many in the country and many have come to pay tribute to him and wish for his recovery.

Reham Khan

While in Karachi, Reham Khan paid tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi and wished for his quick recovery. She also signed up to be an organ donor and promised him her full support.

Naziha Mehmood

The Pakistani Filmmaker, Naziha Mehmood paid tribute to the great philanthropist last year in her documentary, Chiragh (The Lamp). The documentary highlights the immense contribution of Abdul Sattar Edhi to his country. It was screened at the Art Council of Pakistan.

Dr Shahid Masood

The political writer and show host, Dr.Shahid Masood this month prayed for Abdul Sattar Edhi’s health on TV and took the opportunity to recount all the great things Edhi has done for the country.

Pakistan Cricket Board

Also, this month, PCB pledged their support for the Edhi, presenting a check of Rs. 5 million to the Edhi foundation. The new Jersey for the upcoming ODI and T20 will also be sporting the logo of Edhi Foundation.  A signed bat will also be given way at an auction for the benefit of the foundation.

US Consulate

Two officers from the US Consulate met with Edhi to acquire about his health and expressed their appreciation for his service. It has become customary for new appointed officers from the consulate to visit the Edhi center and pay their tribute to Edhi.