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7 Awesome Facts about Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Yesterday, 10 March, was the International day of Awesomeness where we celebrate feats of awesomeness and who has more of such feats then the Quaid himself, the man that not only created history, he altered the world map forever. For that  day we pay tribute to this legendary man by presenting you with the 6 most awesome facts about him

7.  Birthday and Independence date on the same day of the week


Each year Pakistan’s Independence Day, Quaid-e-Azam’s dates of birth and death,consistently fall on the same day of the week. Coincidence by any chance?


6. Leader for 3 decades 


He served as the leader of All-India Muslim league from 1913 until Pakistan’s Independence in 1947.That is a total of 34 years.


5. A high sense of fashion 


Jinnah had a high sense of fashion and dressed always impeccably while in public. He had over 200 suits and while in court, never wore the same tie twice. Even while dying he insisted on being formally dressed.


4. Architect of the Lucknow pact 


Jinnah was the  main force behind the Lucknow pact, an landmark agreement between the Indian Congress and the Muslim league in 1916.During that time he was an important member of both the Congress and the Muslim league.


3 . Leader from the start 


According to accounts, Jinnah in his youth used to discouraged other children from playing marbles on dusty ground, instead persuading them to rise up, keep themselves clean, and play cricket.


2. Reason for his choice 


Of the many inns of Courts in England, Jinnah decided to go to Lincoln’s Inn because over it’s main entrance were inscribed the names of the world’s great lawgivers, including Muhammad (PBUH).


1. Pakistan’s Greatest leader

Mr. Jinnah addressing members of All India Muslim League in Bandra, Bombay 1943

According to Jinnah’s biographer, Stanley Wolper, he is and remains Pakistan’s greatest leader.