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9 Desi Totkay To Ease Your Life

1.Right before the water in rice is about to dry, add some vinegar in it. The rice will look very fresh – like restaurant quality.

2.Marinate bitter gourd (Karela) for 2 hours in some salt and vinegar before cooking, wash with cold water, fry and then cook. The bitter taste will turn into sweet.

3.If your hands are burning due to plenty of red chili while cooking, use oil or hand moisturizer. The burning sensation will fade away.

4.In order to keep your chilies fresh for longer time remove their Peduncle (danthal) and out them in the fridge.

5.If you want the milk to not explode while boiling, add a pinch of soda in it. The milk will remain completely fine.

6. In order to keep your lettuce fresh for longer, wrap it in a news paper or tissue and then store in a fridge.

7.In order to get rid of cockroaches in your kitchen, add some dry milk in boric acid and spread through the corners of the kitchen. Cockroaches will no longer be a problem.

8.To secure the color of ginger and garlic, add some oil and salt to it. They won’t go dark.

9.If your Saalan is burned, add some milk to it. This will make the curry smell better and it won’t be dark anymore.