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Beauty Secrets Of Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer is one of the prettiest actress of Pakistani Industry, she has evolved massively throughout the years and has a very ‘girl next door’ look that makes men out their weak in their knees. But what you should know is that the secret of her flawless beauty are the things below.

Cottage Cheese :

Cottage cheese

Ayesha loves her cottage so much that apart from having it in sandwiches and salads she just eats them as it is. She says cottage cheese is a very healthy and complete source of protein.

Brown Rice :


Ayesha chooses brown rice as an alternative to white, brown rice contains the unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and starch that have been removed from white rice during polishing process making it a healthier choice.

Bajra Roti :


As with rice, Ayesha opts bajra roti over wheat as a better choice. Bajra being rich in fiber content is good for keeping the glucose levels normal. This whole grain supports weight loss as the high fiber content leads to a feeling of fullness for a longerĀ period of time. It also aids in maintaining cardiovascular health and in acidity problems.

Coconut Oil :


That’s exactly what she cooks with everyday! It keeps her glowing from the outside and healthy from the inside.

Vitamin C :


Ayesha doesn’t skip her dose of Vitamin C supplements as that keeps her skin radiant and glowing. With those gorgeous hair, we now know what’s her secret.