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Beauty Secrets Of Deepika Padukone

There is no doubt that Deepika Padukon is one of the most renowned actress of Bollywood, she has stolen many hearts with her killing dimples, flawless skin and hourglass figure. Se today we decided to enlighten you with few beauty secrets of the Ram Leela actress.

The actress doesn’t follow any routine as such. She says that using a good night cream does wonders and she makes sure to always take off her make-up.

Also, plenty of water, balanced meals, regular workouts and adequate sleep are on top of her list.

Deepika also gives good time to her hair, there’s nothing better than oiling them – she says.


According to her less is always more, so don’t go overboard with whatever you do, be it make up, jewelry or dressing.

Deepika believes that “A healthy diet is the first step towards a strong and fit body.” Her diet is balanced with a healthy mix of carbohydrates and proteins. Deepika takes three meals a day and considers breakfast as the most important meal.

She keeps all the three meals balanced and simple. If she eats dosa for breakfast, she avoids the potato filling; and while having egg, she omits having the egg yolk. While having idly, she substitutes coconut chutney with pudina chutney.

She starts her day with fruits instead of coffee. For lunch, she takes a bowl of dal, vegetables, one chapatti with chicken or fish. As for dinner, she avoids eating heavy and prefers eating salads and roti to obtain maximum nutrition. Following a balanced meal diet is very important to her and crash dieting is a strict no no.