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Beauty Tricks – Black and Beautiful

From casual dinner parties to red carpet fashion events, black is unarguably the most iconic piece in a woman’s wardrobe. Beautiful, simple, yet statement making, the color is every woman’s favorite.

How tricky can it be to pick the best makeup look to go with your perfect black dress? The answer is “VERY TRICKY”. Makeup plays a great role and it can make you go from classy to trashy with a single wrong step!  People do not realize how and where they go wrong, but sometimes all it takes is a little extra or a little less to make all the difference.

Fret not since help is here, your perfect guide to dress your face with that perfect dress! Tips that are sure to make heads turn and the public fall head over heels!

A black dress is very versatile and can be complemented with different looks. There are two schools of thought when planning  how to accessorize your black dress. A bright amped-up lipstick gives a punchy bout of confidence to the wearer, while a kohl-rimmed eye and nude pout makes for a more subtle and sensuous  affect.

The Classic Red to go with your Black
The little black dress with red hot lips is a timeless combination. After a soft wash of beige on the eyelids, line your eyes with a subtle wing and add that perfect retro red pout! You can do subtle smoky eyes as well,  soft smokey touch to the eyes may work wonders to enhance the look!

Dramatic and Smokey

One of the most deadliest combination is smoky eyes and a black dress. It’s sexy and dramatic and creates the most sophisticated look. A perfect pair of smoky eyes adds depth and dimension to eyes, making them stand out. Add lots and lots of mascara!

The No Makeup Nude Look

Planning to wear a black dress but want to look decent and natural? Go for the nude makeup look, because sometimes less is more and enough to make a big statement!