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Before Politics – 5 Wonderful Facts About Benazir Bhutto’s Childhood

Today, June 21 marks the birthday of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, the first female Prime Minister of a Muslim majority country.  Though her political career and the case of her tragic death have always received widespread media attention, Benazir Bhutto’s childhood is a topic rarely covered.  Explore the early years of Benazir with these awesome facts.

Her hometown was Karachi

Benazir Bhutto was born and raised in the city of Karachi. She also received her early education in the city, studying in the elite Convent of Jesus and Mary.

Her first language was English

Though being fluent in both Urdu and Sindhi, English was her first language with which she grew up.

Her mother was Iranian

Her mother, Nusrat Bhutto was from Iran and hailed from a wealthy Kurdish background. She moved to Karachi with her father where she met Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and married a year later.  According to Benazir, her mother’s Kurdish background greatly influenced her in becoming Pakistan’s first female Prime Minister.

She was a Grammarian

She was an alumnus of the highly selective Karachi Grammar School from where she completed her A-levels.

First Asian woman to head the Oxford union

While studying as an undergraduate in Oxford University, she became the president of the Oxford Union.  She was the first Asian woman to head the prestigious debating society.